Nido Petroleum Limited is an ASX-listed, South East Asian focused oil and gas exploration and production company.

SC 14 C2 - West Linapacan A and B Oil Fields

Philippines-full SC14C2
Project: West Linapacan A and B Oil Fields
Location: NW Palawan Basin, offshore Philippines.
Working interest 22.28%
Operator The Philodrill Corporation
Area 18,000 hectares
Initial Discovery: Discovered in 1981 at 290 metre water depth
Development Schedule West Linapacan A was discovered in 1990 and produced over 8 MMbbls from 1992 through to early 1996 before being shut-in. The field had a peak production rate of over 18,000 bopd.
West Linapacan B was discovered in 1993 and tests from the single well drilled on the structure flowed close to 2,900 bopd. West Linapacan B has never been developed.
Estimated Ultimate Recoverable Reserves (2P): Given the changed development scenarios under contemplation by the Joint Venture, Nido is unable to provide updated reserves assessment for the West Linapacan A re-development at this time as ultimately any reserves assessment will be dependent on the relevant development scenario that is ultimately approved by the Joint Venture.
Brief description: West Linapacan is located in 300 to 350 metres of water, approximately 60 kilometres offshore from Palawan Island in Block C2 of Service Contract 14 (SC14) in the NW Palawan Basin, Philippines. It comprises two main oil bearing structures – West Linapacan A and B – and several seismic leads. The West Linapacan A and B structures are northwest southeast trending, fault-bounded anticlines approximately 7.6 kilometres apart. Both fields produced 32 - 34º API oil from the fractured Nido limestone reservoirs.
Recent activity: The Philodrill Corporation was appointed operator of the West Linapacan Joint Venture following the removal of RMA
West Linapacan Pte Ltd from the Service Contract by the Department of Energy.